Need a lighter roof, or want to replace a roof but don't have an enough budget?
We will find solutions!

Light-weight roofs Characteristics
KMEW Colonial Quad (weather resistance: AA)
A light and reasonably priced roofing material. Available in many colors.
KMEW Raycious GLASSA (weather resistance: AAA)
High quality
The top-ranked thickness and coating. Unlike the existing roofs of the same form, this material has high resistance to color fading.
Metal rooftop ventilator
Roof ventilation
Its ventilation ability is significantly higher than that of the manufacturer's original product. It is very effective for moisture elimination, which is a weakness of the Color Best series.
KMEW ROOGA Hybrid Tiles
The material offers the same amenity as roof tiles, while the weight is about the same as that of the Color Best series. On top of that, the strength of each tile is incomparably high. That is the ROOGA roofing material.
Used ROOGA material pieces are fully recycled to be reborn as the same material. ROOGA is an eco-friendly leader toward the future.