The latest roof tiles are evenly baked and of consistent quality. They are the best tiles available only in Japan.

Ceramic roof tiles, or "kawara" Characteristics
Japanese style smoked roof tiles (the highest quality Japanese roof tiles)
Japanese style smoked tiles
A deep silver-colored roof is subdued and tasteful and fits any style.
For those who have a liking for something genuine and authentic, these Japanese roof tiles made only of the best materials and components are the perfect choice.
Traditional craftsmanship and beauty are there.
Flat roof tiles
Flat roof tiles
Linearly arranged flat roof tiles have incomparable geometric and stylish beauty. These tiles, with amenity and durability, offer an urban taste.
S-shaped roof tiles
Western style tiles
These wavy roof tiles, which are common in Europe, are rather small by the Japanese standard. They have both a soft look and a warm atmosphere, creating an image of pleasant urban living.