In hidden places, quality materials are used lavishly.
The artisanal work beautifully performed on the surface comes alive only when it is done to the highest-quality material.

Auxiliary materials Characteristics
Sanshu Mikawa clay
Clay from Aichi
We, specialized workers, think that the clay used for fitting tiles must be a material that has more important elements than tiles themselves.
Our company visits the clay production center in Aichi Prefecture and purchases the clay of very high quality normally used for Sanshu tiles through face-to-face negotiations with local clay distributors. It is our wishes as roofing professionals to support our customers' lives as long as roof tiles live, and this attitude encourages us to conduct strict material selections.
Insect-proof and corrosion-proof wood
Highly durable wood
This type of wood is used for all woodwork Suzuki Roof provides. It is because, after examining many possible wood types, we have concluded that this wood is best suited for wooden houses.
In today's housing industry, as more and more newly-developed construction materials are used, less and less contractors use genuine quality materials. But we will never compromise.
Plaster to protect roofs
The plaster used for top and edge fitting prevents leaking, maintains the strength and makes the roof finish beautiful.
Our company uses top-quality plaster from Okayama. It works well with the clay from Mikawa, and the natural materials keep houses healthy.